Rules & Regulations


  • It is mandatory for all the students to be in proper discipline and order. Detailed information of the disciplinary guidelines has been given in the registration form.
  • Students are expected to pay a due regard to the teachers whether inside or outside the institute.
  • It is expected of the parents to abide by all the institute guidelines. In case of undesirable behaviour by any parent, authorities may be constrained to issue the rejection of the Child.
  • No student will wear valuable jewellery. Institute authorities will not be held responsible for any kind of loss.
  • If a child has any INFECTIOUS DISEASE, he/she will be exempted to attend the Class/Examinations.
  • Use of mobile phones, cameras or any electronic gadgets by the students is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are expected to be received only by their parents or relations. No friend or acquaintance will be allowed without the information beforehand.
  • All rights are fully reserved with E-Vidyaniketan regarding change of course structure, number of tests, teachers, venue of classes etc.
  • Students and Parents will be solely responsible for student’s absenteeism from the classes.
  • Student’s batch may be changed on the basis of his/her performance in our internal test.
  • In matters not covered in above rules and regulations, the decision of E-Vidyaniketan Director shall be final and binding to student and his/her guardian.
  • We reserve the right do deny admission to a student without giving any reason.
  • All disputes are subject to Kota Jurisdiction only.