Board Of Directors

Dear Students,

Imparting knowledge to someone is delivering your essence, your part. It is the most sacred aspect of teaching. Since the establishment of the institute ‘E-Vidyaniketan’, this sanctity has been sustained, regulated and perpetuated. This educational structure is destined to grant quality education with individual improvement and utter satisfaction to their potentials.

A student must be attended with utter care and attention as they are not lesser than a tender plant. Every student has abilities to turn into an appealing and charitable persona like a huge banyan tree, only if they are cared with extra added efforts and attentive measures. The catch phrase is “Nothing is impossible” and the institutional structure is based upon the same motto.

Mr Vaibhav Pillai

(Academic Director & HOD Mathematics)

Dear Students,

Education has come across many changes since the day humans realized its worth. The extant phase of education consists of different challenges that baffle students to pave upon the correct path. Workaholic outlook, self-reliance and passionate approach to the learning can help the pupils to overcome such challenges. However, a teacher plays a significant role in leading the student to his goal by awakening a hidden fire and provoking the urge of reaching to it. A student is an entity who has all the potentials to evolve his significance. They colour their life with dreams and imagination and education helps in making them duly arranged. Among all these a teacher devotes his wisdom along with lovingness and faith which emphasize the identity of his student in this competitive world.

The requisite of the recent time is dreaming and planning. The policy of dream and plan is the way to nurture your life with the goals you cherish. Every part of your celestial life provides you an opportunity quite fit to learn a new thing. The enthusiasts know how to observe and grab such opportunities. Thus it happens that students turn into a scholar and a scholar into a real human soul.

Mrs Shiva Paliwal

(Academic Director & HOD Science)