About Us

“Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”


E- Vidyaniketan is an Educational Coaching Institute founded on 6th May, 2002 by the spirited efforts of Vaibhav Pillai and Shiva Paliwal in Kota, Rajasthan for academic Class IX – XII (CBSE). Since its inception, the institute has carved its corner as a hub for the academic courses of the school students grounded on the mission of imparting the standards of education and learning. The swelling figures of the admitted students and their resonating performance has been a testimony to the cumulative glory of the institute.


The aim of institute is to inculcate the inner urge of learning and earning among the students. It is not only to teach but also to develop a taste in that teaching. The journey is begun from the basics to the proficiency level of education.

The value of education is reinforced with practical, methodological and theoretical means. They are moulded for being a good son/daughter, disciple, citizen and eventually a man. The objective of institute is not limited only to education but also to the various curriculum activities and programmes chiefly organised under the specific duration associated with different branches of knowledge and life.

The world that mainly rests upon academics, the students are embellished with moral values, self-reliance and an inherent personal value and potential. The standards of E- Vidyaniketan rely upon the preparation of life not academically but also encompassing all those parts significant for life.

Professional Teachers

Teaching is a diverse profession that involves working with students to help them obtain certain knowledge or master specific tasks Education are designed to meet the needs of adult students: the mode of study is flexible, we utilize digital learning environments, and each student is able to tailor their studies individually.

Our Approach

The target of the institute radiates through different goals resting upon the overall development of students.They are moulded for being a good son/daughter, disciple, citizen and eventually a man.John Dewey has rightly proposed, Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself”.

Education Programm

An educational program is a program written by the institution or ministry of education which determines the learning progress of each subject in all the stages of formal education.The Teacher Education Program (TEP) will prepare you to teach in public, urban middle and high schools.

Inform to Parents

A close and uninterrupted connection with the parents is regularly maintained. A telephonic call along with a text message is made from the coaching in case your ward is absent or even late and when mark sheets/answer sheets are distributed.Parents are repeatedly requested to vist at the coaching

Our Features


Regular Classes

Regular classes for Science and Mathematics, and alternate classes for Social Science and English are scheduled under the duration of every hour at the institution.


Students doing well and scoring well are promoted with the given awards for scoring well only to serve as an incentive.

Quiz Competitions

Assorted quiz competitions are held twice a month for every subject based on the syllabus of class room teaching and text books.


Cleanliness and discipline in behaviour, classroom and code of conduct are the key foundations of the institute. These values are primarily stressed. Further comes secondary

Test Series

Question papers are solved in the class the next day furnishing every detail and possibility of making the answers the most impressive scoring.

Extra Classes

The provision of extra classes is the specific element of the organisation providing ease of presence whether in morning session or in evening session.

Our Directors


(Academic Director & HOD Mathematics)

Imparting knowledge to someone is delivering your essence, your part. It is the most sacred aspect of teaching.

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(Academic Director & HOD Science)

Education has come across many changes since the day humans realized its worth. The extant phase of ......

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